Last month we were visited by our friends from Barcelona, Ana Cristina Pol and Alfred March. Briefly described, they graduated from an Art School and went on to study animation and illustration at the university. After the completion of their studies in 2012, they travelled to Europe and circumstances eventually brought them to Zaprešić, Croatia. The initial stage of our common project started already last year, but there wasn't enough time then to carry out the project. This year, Ana and Alfred stayed in Zaprešić for more than two weeks and they honoured us by enabling us to participate in the ''planting'' of their first book, a calendar of permaculture.

According to their idea, the book is supposed to illustrate the correlation of nature and people's activities tied to the months of the year and the change of seasons.

There were 13 authors who worked on the ''growing'' of this book: Paula Bučar, Helena Ohnjec, Irena Škrinjar, Ana Christina Pol, Iris Poljan, Irena Škrinjar, Silvijo Balija, Ivan Čačić, Luka Čačić, Mario Gazić, Alfred March, Mirko Škoc, Šimun Tolić and Tomislav Tomić.

The illustrations were made in the linocut technique and the bookbinding was made in the traditional Japanese style. Our aim is that the manual book making project becomes one of the regular activities in the future space of the Association, renovation of which we eagerly anticipate and look forward to.

We are very grateful to the Fine Arts Education department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, and especially to professors Ines Krasić and Igor Čabraja for enabling us to use their printing press. We are also very grateful to the supervisor of the printmaking studio, Ozren Manojlović, for his expert advice and for giving special care to us and our linocuts.

''Growing the Book'' project will go on...

Zaprešić Artists' Association


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