Raku ceramics workshops have been held since 2004. So far, there have been about 40 raku workshops, most of which took place in Zaprešić. Others were organised in Dugo Selo (in collaboration with Dugo Selo Educational Institution), Karlovac (in collaboration with the Carpe Diem Association) and Samobor (in collaboration with the Samobor Artists Association).


The raku technique, originating from Japan, was used for making special pots for Japanese traditional tea ceremony from the 16th century onwards. Nowadays, it is used worldwide, and in addition to making various pots reminiscent of the old Japan, raku is also applied for creating a wide range of the most varied artwork. The main reason why raku ceramics is so special among other ceramics techniques is its unusual making process characterized by the removal of still glowing hot pieces from the kiln and covering them with sawdust, leaves or any other combustible organic material. The process of oxidation and reduction occuring at the time result in characteristic cracks and unique colour and pattern effects on the surfaces of the artworks, making them exceptionally beautiful.


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