About us

Zaprešić Artists Association is a non-profit, non-political and non-governmental art organization, working in Zaprešić and its surrounding area with the purpose of organising cultural, artistic and educational activities and events, and promoting creativity, collaboration and art appreciation of the wider community.
The artists of Zaprešić and its surrounding area started their activities and collaborative gathering in the 1980s by exhibiting theirs as well as artworks of other prominent artists in the Rotonda Gallery in the town of Zaprešić.
In 1998, after a short break, the artists regathered and founded an association, today known as the Zaprešić Artists Association. Since then, the Association has been continuously organizing group and solo exhibitions and sculpting, ceramics and other visual art workshops.

The majority of the Association is made up of various professional sculptors, painters, graphic artists and art students, as well as amateur artists and enthusiasts.
There are 8 members actively participating in the organization activities:
Irena Škrinjar, President
Šimun Tolić, Vice President
Silvio Balija, Secretary
Iris Poljan
Mirko Škoc
Ivan Čačić
Ivan Majzec

Association's address

Udruga likovnih stvaralaca Zaprešić(Zaprešić Artists Association)
10 290 Zaprešić


mi5 ULS ULS ULS ULS uls minijature 2016. Minijature 2016. Minijature 2015.