Iris Poljan / RAČUN-aj na mene

Iris Poljan/(Ac)Count on me
My name is Iris Poljan and I was born in Zagreb, on 5 May 1989. In 2008, I graduated in Graphic Design from the School of Applied Arts in Zagreb, and in the same year I went on to study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, at the Fine Arts Education department. In 2011, I completed my undergraduate study programme and received the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education degree. Currently, I am a graduate student in painting at the Fine Arts Education department under professor Ante Rašić.
I am an active member of the Zaprešić Artists' Association.

Solo exhibitions:
2013- Mož'se slikat, Post-its, the Razvid Gallery, POU Zaprešić
2012- Pop/Pulp- Corn- Culture and Fiction, Art Thursday, Grič Art Cinema, Zagreb
2011- Uređaji (Devices), Divas caffe bar, Zagreb

The idea for this series of artworks stemmed from the fact that, being a graduate student, I had more receipts than money in my wallet. So, why not use them creatively? The only question was - how? Wouldn't it be a good idea to draw on each receipt... with a thread? Something which started as a joke, later resulted in artworks which are a kind of diary of mine, keeping track of the last few months in my life. Each receipt serves as a sort of document of my movements – revealing where I was and what I did at the time and if the receipt was mine, as well as the visual thought/image I had in my mind and which was important to me at that very moment. The receipts vary in size and the drawings vary in colours and their combinations. They can be folded in many ways, which consequently changes the visual message to the observer.
The very title of this series of artworks is a pun- (Ac)Count on me, and the whole series is a kind of playing with materials.

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