Ivica Kiš

I obtained my professional title of photographer in 1967 in secondary trade school in Zagreb. (after graduating in VIII gimnasium, Tresnjevka 1966) In 1974 I graduated on Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb (in the class of professor Božidar Rašica). Since 1974 to 1988 i was an operative in a Bureau of technology improvement, in project bureau „G.P. Tehnika“, in Department of buildings and urban development - districts of Novi Zagreb and Maksimir. Since 1988 I worked as an expert teacher in School of Applied Arts and Design, Zagreb. Since 2003 I worked as a senior instructor on Animation and New Media Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. I was retired on 1st of September 2013. I am a member of: ULUPUH (The Croatian Association of Artists of Applied Arts) since 2007, HDLU (Croatian Association of Arists) since 2013. I am photographing with analog cameras since 1956, with cameras obscuras of my own production since 1995, and with digital cameras since 1996. Since 1996 I exhibit photos taken with camera obscura. Until 2007 I carried out a project of revitalisation of overlooked cultural heritage named ©ame®@ obs©u®@, and within the project I placed 10 exhibitions of photos taken by cameras obscuras of my own production. I also wrote a handbook for teachers of visual and technical culture named „Camera Obscura“ (ISBN 978-953-0-50815-6, published by Školska knjiga), which is an obligatory literature for state qualifying exam in Croatia since 2010.

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