Mario Gazić/Painter with a glass eye

Mario Gazić
Mario Gazić was born in Zagreb in 1981. He graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Split in 2006. His photographs were exhibited at the Klovićevi Dvori Gallery and at the Youth Salon while he was still an undergraduate student. He has had several solo and group exhibitions, and some of his illustrations were published in newspapers. He paints, photographs and teaches drawing.

Painter with a glass eye

Most photos were taken in the analogue technique, E6 and C41 processing on a 35mm-film. When the selection was made, I realised that there were only five digital photos in my camera.
When taking photos I wasn't interested in prearranged and planned photographing and an already determined subject matter and lighting; I was drawn to the street and friends, the aesthetics which can improve the everyday and ordinary and make it extraordinary. To change the reality and disperse the banality is not an easy task. As opposed to the medium of painting, photography faces the problem of brief, one-eyed realistic painting, and it is due to its precision, restrictions and all the other details I like about taking photos that I feel like a painter with an implanted glass eye, charged with batteries and in colour, of course.

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